Werewolves are a supernatural species within the DLT universe. They have few identifying features outside of their transformed state other than their silver hair that changes immediately upon infection of lycanthropy. Werewolves are typically people of few words, but it is uncertain as to whether this is a personality trait inherited with lycanthropy or that is a common trait of humans prior to infection. Werewolves are a dying species and have been hunted to near-extinction.

Nature Edit

Werewolves behave like ordinary humans, even in their "animal" state. When transformed, they behave like humans who are merely trapped in the form of a large wolf. Their demeanor depends entirely on the individual, so attacks are rare.

Abilities Edit

  • Exceptional Supernatural speed (which they are famed for)
  • Supernatural senses (sense of smell in particular)
  • Limited Transformation capabilities (They can shape-shift at will, but only into a set series of shapes including a "human" form, a bipedal "wolf" form, and "anubis" form marked by only the head being transformed, and a "wolf" form, which merely appears to be that of a giant wolf.)
  • Supernatural strength
  • Supernatural endurance
  • Regeneration
  • Agelessness
  • Supernatural longevity
  • Supernatural reflexes

Infection Edit

Werewolves are incapable of sexual reproduction by two werewolf parents, due to the fact that a feotus is incapable of surviving the forced monthly transformation en embryo. Thus, lycanthropy can only be contracted by humans via exchange of bodily fluids while the werewolf is forcibly transformed by the full moon. Most commonly, this involves a bite in which the saliva of the werewolf makes contact with the human's bloodstream, but this can also be passed on by any exchange of fluids.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Severe allergy to silver
  • Wolfs-bane can be used as a hallucinogen