Warwick Academy, the creme de la creme of Academia in the United Kingdom....

...or so the introductions go.

Warwick Academy is a fictitious private school within the Devils Like To universe. It prioritizes the children of the upper class, as it is extremely expensive to enroll. That said, there are discounts for the children of instructors. The academy is said to supply students with the highest quality of education in arts, athletics, and as well as in science and maths.

The mascot is the Griffin and the school colours are navy and gold.

Mottos Edit

  • "Cogito, Ergo Sum" (meaning, "I think, therefore I am")

Uniforms Edit

The uniforms of Warwick Academy are dark blue with either matching or black pants. The blazer has the school crest on the left breast pocket. Students may customize the trim along the collar as well the tie by selecting their own preference of colour. If not, then they will have the default, yellow, which is the only available colour for students enrolled in the primary school. That said, a tie may be swapped with a bow or a ribbon if the wearer so chooses.

Boys may wear pants or shorts, and girls may wear pants, skirts, or shorts, so long as they reach mid-thigh. Girls' uniforms, however, also have additional trimming on the cuffs of their blazers, differentiating them further from the boys'.

Current Students Edit

  • Geraldine Midford
  • Revy Macken
  • Samantha Westley

Alumni Edit

  • Alois "Jim Macken" Trancy
  • Anastasia Miles
  • Audrey Baines
  • Ciel Phantomhive
  • Dafydd Blake
  • Daniel Westley
  • Lawrence Rose
  • Preston Omid
  • Travis Sullivan

Deceased Students Edit

  • August Remy
  • Cassandra Bates
  • Jonnathan Beatie
  • Maxwell Goddard
  • Murdock Springfield

Faculty Edit

  • Mister Robert Irons
  • Mister Bronze
  • Missus Chang