Sorcerers are a supernatural species within the DLT universe. They can be categorised by sex as either "witches" in females, and "warlocks" in males. Sorcerers are visually indistinguishable from humans, but their influence within supernatural communities causes their status as supernaturals to never be called into question, even though some of them are born lacking a strong affinity with magical energy.

Traditions Edit

Witches are typically the retainers and heads of families, and thus the focus on the teaching of magic tends to focus on them. Oftentimes, in order to hone magical abilities, a sorcerer will use a special ring or other type of jewelry, which abilities and specialties can be influenced by the types of medals and stones used to make it. Most families pass down one ring to the eldest witch, but warlocks can come into possession of a ring if they are either an only child, or if the family possesses more than one ring or has the capability to create another.

Sorcerers are often high in supernatural communities due to their spells and potions. They are taught that the purpose of magic is to aid others, and use their abilities to heal as well as aid other supernatural beings, and on occasion, a human or two.

Summoning Phrases Edit

Sorcerers use certain phrases at the start of spells and enchantments in order to call upon their magical power. These phrases can be in any language, can be long, short, or any variation of, but they are always personal to the user. The phrase must be of deep significance to the sorcerer in order to work. Many witches and wizards fuss over what their phrase should be, and discovering it is like a sort of "coming of age" for them.

For example: Dafydd Blakes "Summoning Phrase" is "Scientia de Anima", which roughly translates into "Science of the Heart" or "Science of the Soul" in latin. To Dafydd, his views of magic being a science is an important part of his personal identity, therefore this is his phrase.

Abilities Edit

(Note: some abilities depend entirely on the witch and their own teachings or education)

  • Potion creation
  • Supernatural healing capabilities
  • Offensive spell-casting
  • Defensive spell-casting
  • Practical spell-casting
  • Mild or temporary control of the elements (some may have a specialty)
  • Temporary limited shape-shifting (via spell or potion, and some may have a specialty in regards to shape.)
  • Barrier creation
  • Familiar summoning
  • Necromancy
  • Spirit summoning
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Mild sixth sense