A revenant is a supernatural being in the DLTD universe that is a wandering spirit that possesses corpses. It exclusively possesses bodies of people who went through intense turmoil in life and had yet to get justice in order to reanimate them so that they may achieve their revenge.

In order to do this, a revenant will channel the spirit of that person and assume their identity based on the information that they collected. This is a problem, however, if the soul is actually still in use. The revenant no longer has their individuality in this state, as they almost completely believe themselves to be the person that they are possessing.

Revenants are not to be confused with ghouls, as they do have a form of intelligence, are not controlled by another being, and do not seek human flesh for consumption. Revenants also have the ability to regenerate, and repair the tissue of the deceased in order to appear like they are one of the living. The only visual difference between them and a human is their eyes, which are black where they should be white.

This creature is very rare, as many souls will have either been collected by a Grim Reaper or eaten by a demon if left to wander and are unable to become a revenant.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Regeneration
  • Invulnerability

Trivia Edit

  • Revy is the first and currently only revenant in the series.