Luka Macken
Some attributes
First Species: Demon
Second Hair: Brown/Red
Third Eyes: Brown
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 10
Fifth Aliases: "Specimen D-004"
Sixth Status: Alive

Luka Macken is a character from Kuroshitsuji II, and is also known as Alois' younger brother. In the anime, Luka and Alois (named Jim at the time) lived together and helped each other survive, until Luka made a contract with Hannah Annafellows and had his soul eaten by her. Luka has been talked about by Alois occasionally throughout the story or DLTD, but he was found out to be alive around the end of the Helling Training Camp arc. Luka's soul was split from Hannah's when Alois had been brought back to life. When he returned, his soul was in the body of Nigel Irons.

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