• Alois Trancy: Bisexual
  • Amelie Garou: Homosexual
  • Cameron Gully: Homosexual
  • Cassie Sandsmark: Homosexual
  • Ciel Phantomhive: Bisexual
  • Charlotte Bellamy-Garou: Homosexual
  • Dafydd Blake: Pansexual
  • Daniel Westley: Questioning
  • Dominique Bretodeau: Bisexual
  • Geraldine Midford: Aromantic
  • Grell Sutcliffe: Transgender woman
  • (Sir) Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing: Asexual
  • Kristopherson Miles: Homosexual
  • Kyung-Soon Park: Homosexual
  • Logan Kendrick: Bisexual
  • Roger Whinery: Transgender man
  • Sebastian Michaelis: Asexual
  • Tegwen Sibyl: Homosexual
  • Voros: Agender
  • "Wink": Bisexual

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