Suyin Chu
Some attributes
First Species: Human
Second Hair: Black
Third Eyes: Grey-Green
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 29
Fifth Aliases:
Sixth Status: Alive

Lt. Suyin Chu is the head of the Intelligence Department at H.E.L.L.S.I.N.G. She was formerly a member of BRAVO Team in the Combat Division, however, she had to switch over following an accident in which she fell victim to a trap left by vampires during a raid and lost a leg. With her somewhat strict and dedicated demeanor, she could not accept having to retire from the organization entirely, aiding her decision. Suyin wears a prosthetic leg, allowing her to continue to oversee her underlings with ease. She has been known to have a "step out of the way and let me do it" attitude at times, as she'll roll workers out of the way in order to access computers.

Weapons Edit

  • Unspecified Anti-Freak pistol

Notable Relationships Edit

Captain Debra "Debbie" Harland Edit

  • Harland is one original members of BRAVO Team of which Suyin Chu was initially a member of before her accident. She was still fairly new to H.E.L.L.S.I.N.G. when she was assigned, so it was Harland who showed her the ropes. To this day, they are still friends and still talk to one another, taking time to socialise on their days off.

Butch Brasher Edit

  • Brasher is one of the original members of BRAVO Team of which Suyin Chu was initially a member of before her accident.

Audrey Baines Edit

  • Audrey Baines is one of Suyin's subordinates in the Intelligence Department. She treats him the same as every other operative, giving him a taste of her no-nonsense attitude on a regular basis. Despite this, Audrey is not afraid of her, as he understands she doesn't do this out of malicious intent.

Trivia Edit

  • It has been expressed that she feels a tad self-conscious when people stare at her prosthetic.

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