Incubi/Succubi (singular: "Incubus/Succubus") are supernatural creatures that exist in the Devils Like To universe. Incubi and succubi are in fact the same creature, (Incubi being male and Succubi being female) but are able to switch between sexes due to their shapeshifting capabilities. Some have a preference toward staying the same sex, however, some will swap between sexes either for reproductive or feeding purposes, or simply because it suits them.

Incubi/Succubi feed on the sexual energy of either humans, or other supernatural beings. This does not harm their partner, but simply causes mild fatigue. Never will an Incubus or Succubus try to have intercourse with another of their own species, as it will only harm them both. Any child produced with any other species, however, will always be an incubus/succubus, and will be androgynous until puberty.

This species can take whatever form that their partner, or a potential partner desires, making them extremely attractive to whomever catches their fancy, however, their personality may be less than satisfactory. Should a potential partner decline their advances, they will honour that and seek coitus elsewhere. Incubi and Succubi as a "default" form always have a dexterous, whip-like tail, small horns protruding from their foreheads, and a slight blueish, purplish, or reddish complexion in varying shades and hues.

Abilities Edit

  • Shape-shifting
  • Supernatural pheromone detection

Weaknesses Edit

  • Antifreak weaponry
  • Mild doses of rosemary

Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to popular belief, incubi and succubi can be monogamous, and do stay with one partner the vast majority of the time, especially if there are children involved. They can be faithful and are perfectly capable of love. Many are deeply offended by being treated as purely sexual beings.
  • Incubi and succubi are hypothesized to be related to demons in some form or fashion given some similarities in their characteristics., however, more research is required.
  • The majority of incubi and succubi identify as bisexual, however, incubi and succubi who are exclusive to one sex do exist.