Faun are supernatural beings in the Devils Like To universe. Faun are "goat-like" in appearance, having the ears and horns of one, as well as their famous cloven hooves. They are commonly seen wearing skirts of kilts, due to the fact that their legs make it difficult for them to put on trousers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Faun are almost identical to humans in strength, but are not very fast because of the way that their skeletons are poorly aligned. That said, their bones are very sturdy. Their primary difference is the Faun's ability to eat typically considered to be non-food substances, using their strong teeth and stomach. They age very well, and live slightly longer than humans.

Weaknesses Edit

They are able to be killed by mortal means, however are not very susceptible to illness, given their superior immune systems, and are difficult to poison.

Trivia Edit

  • Faun are known for their high libidos and indifference toward blood purity (i.e. they don't mind reproducing with other species as much), which has given them somewhat of a reputation for being promiscuous. However, this is considered to be advantageous to their species, given their shorter lifespan.
  • Some faun cut holes in their skirts for their tails, so they don't wag or twitch and move the fabric around.