A fictitious two-part movie series within the Devils Like To universe, spoofing Black Butler. It was supposedly based on a diary found by the director when they were a teenager at the abandoned and defaced Trancy estate written by Claude Faustus. Due to the fact that it was incomplete, the story deviates from the truth.

Cast/Credits Edit

  • Directed by Nana Hitsugi
  • Lawrence Rose as Cecil Hauntington
  • Kristopher Miles as Sylvester Michaelson
  • Walter Hackett as Alphonse Tracy
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Clovus Fritz

Summary Edit

Devil Butler is about a teenager named Cecil Hauntington who was captured and tortured with the intent of being sacrificed during a satanic ritual. Cecil escapes after signing a contract with a demon whom he names "Sylvester Michaelson" and vows revenge.

Sylvester lies to him and tells him that the one behind his parent's mysterious death is another teen who goes by the name of Alphonse Tracy. In reality, Tracy has nothing to do with this, but also vows revenge after signing a contract with a demon known as Clovus, after his own family is killed by mysterious causes. Clovus lies to him as well, stating that it was Sylvester so he can eat both Alphonse's and Cecil's souls.

In Devil Butler 2, the humans realize their mistake and conspire against the demons. While this is happening, the contracts are slowly eroding away at their bodies. First, it destroys Cecil's vision, rendering him blind. It later takes away his ability to walk as well. Meanwhile, Alphonse loses his sense of taste, and then his ability to speak, making communication with Cecil difficult. They then start communicating by tracing words on each others' palms.

The butlers catch wind of what they're doing, forcing them to try and flee. Walter has difficulty carrying Cecil, so he trips and falls, dropping his comrade. As Cecil calls out for him, he hears the sounds of Walter gasping as he tries to scream while he's being killed by Clovus. When all is silent again, Cecil still screams after him, not knowing that he died. The movie ends with Sylvester towering over him without him noticing, indicating that he was killed shortly after.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the director, "Nana Hitsugi", is a play on "Yana Toboso", the author of Black Butler. "Nana" because it sounds like "Yana", and "Hitsugi" because in the back of volume one of the manga, Toboso indicated that a lot of people had been misspelling the kanji of her name, accidentally making it "Hitsugi" instead of "Toboso".
  • Devil Butler is not the only anime spoof to appear in the Devils Like To series. There is also Code: Zero, a play on "Code: Geass", and "Advancing Giants", a parody of "Attack on Titan".