A comprehensive list of every fun fact posted. In semi-not-really chronological order! (wip)

Facts Edit

  • DLTD Fun Fact: The name “Girasol” was borrowed from the title of a comic I did in high-school (but never finished), which was based on the idea for a videogame I had. It was about a cyborg assassin for the Girasol empire, and as the game progressed, the player would have to choose whether they wanted to betray them and join resistance forces, or crush said resistance.

The protagonist, however, would have shot Baldasssare, as she shot a character with a similar personality for being an asshole in a scene for the original idea. [1]

  • DLTD fun fact:

All of the Baileys are named after archangels. Bailey Senior’s first name is “Gabriel”, Junior is “Michael”, and Senior’s daughter who is mentioned but not seen, is named “Ariel”. [2]

  • DLTD Fun Fact: 

“Fangless” Shaun is named after Shaun of the Dead. [3]

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