Cynocephali (singular: "Cynocephallus") are supernatural creatures in the Devils Like To Universe. Cynocephali are known as "the dog-headed race" as their faces look "dog-like", with long snouts, large, far-set eyes, high-set ears, and tendency to grow copious amounts of body hair.

Cynocephali are not to be confused with werewolves, as they do not have any of the abilities that come with lycanthropy. They cannot shapeshift in any way, shape, or form, they lack the same amount of strength, and they do not have the supernatural speed that werewolves are famed for, nor is their anatomy the same. Cynocephali do not have either tails or claws, nor do their faces completely resemble that of a canine. They do not have sharp, canine teeth, and instead have some that resemble those of an omnivore. Their spines are more vertical, and do not naturally hunch like those of a lycanthrope.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Supernatural sense of smell
  • Supernatural sense of hearing
  • Inhuman strength
  • Inhuman speed

Weaknesses Edit

  • Can be killed by mortal means

Trivia Edit

  • Cynocephali sometimes have difficulty speaking due to the shape of their mouths. Some merely speak with a lisp, while others have difficulty forming "human" sounds altogether. It is common for Cynocephali to communicate in sign-language.
  • Majority are red-green colourblind.
  • Cynocephali have a patron saint. Saint Christopher.