Akira Fujiwara is one of the officers who works for the Gehenna Police department. It has been noted that she is half witch, making her the only known "hybrid" supernatural in the series thus far, despite the fact that her "other half" remains unspecified as of yet.

Akira is stubborn, blunt, and often says things jokingly that come across as mean. While her friend, Tegwen, is known to be eccentric, Akira is more outgoing, as evident by her determination to pry for details about "Mister Lion" when Revy first joined Police training. She is less inclined to investigate things, however, when life-threatening dangers are involved. Despite all of this, she isn't a bad person.

Notable Relationships Edit

  • Tegwen Sybil

Trivia Edit

  • Akira's design, concept, and name was one of many recycled from a comic series done by HateWeasel while in school.